Clutch Failure

Signs of Clutch Failure

Keep an eye out for these signs

Clutch issues happen most often in vehicles with manual transmissions. This part of your vehicle is vital to its forward momentum. Separating the engine’s function from the wheels allows you to change gears and come to a complete stop while the engine is on. But if you’re not car-savvy, do you know the signs when your clutch is starting to fail?

3 Signs Your Clutch is Failing

Most clutch failures fall into sudden or gradual categories. While sudden failures are caused by things like a broken or loose clutch cable, failed hydraulic master/slave cylinder, leaks in the hydraulic lines or a dirty or contaminated disc, there are a few signs of gradual failure.

Weird Smells

As with most vehicles, the first sign of an issue is noticing when something different is going on. With a failing clutch, a distinct burning smell, often in conjunction with slipping gears, is a big sign that the issue could specifically be the clutch.

Grinding Sounds

If you hear a grinding sound when you’re not shifting gears, or if that sound occurs when you’re shifting correctly, this is a sign that you need to take your vehicle in for a check-up. Any grinding sound, no matter how faint, isn’t something to put on a shelf and forget. It’s a sound that indicates damage being done every time it happens.

Mechanical Issues

Aside from the grinding, if you find you’re experiencing issues staying in gear, this can point to a clutch failure issue. If your clutch is soft or spongy, or if the pedal is stiff and sticks when you press it down, consider this a sure sign that you need a clutch repair.

Suspect Clutch Failure? We Can Help!

The experienced team of transmission technicians at Action Transmission Specialists are well-versed in all parts of your transmission. If you suspect that you’re experiencing a failing clutch in your vehicle, contact our office today or stop by our location to schedule an appointment today!

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