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Repairing Continuously Variable Transmissions

Repairing Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) isn’t as simple as general automatic transmission repair. When you need CVT repairs, you need someone you can trust. Fortunately for drivers in Jacksonville, Florida, Action Transmission Specialists now provides CVT repairs for all makes and models. These subtypes of automatic transmissions offer many benefits, including smoother driving, better fuel economy, and optimum power usage. We make sure that drivers continue to get the best from these transmissions and their vehicles with accurate services.

What’s Different?

What’s different about a CVT? Instead of using gears and stages to apply engine power and adjust vehicle speed, they use a system of pulleys or rotating discs. This allows the engine to operate at optimum power regardless of how fast the car is traveling. Pulley-based CVTs use a complex system of pulleys that allows continuous variation in the engine, eliminating the hitch and pause between gear changes. Toroidal CVTs use rotating discs and power rollers to achieve the same results.

Driving with either type of CVT can take some time to get used to. You won’t hear or notice the transition between gears as you would with a traditional automatic. What can be most concerning for drivers is a clunking sound. Slipping and clunking would usually be a big red flag for automatic transmissions to tell the owner to get repairs fast. In the case of CVTs, these sounds are normal. Sometimes CVT repair is as simple as reassuring drivers that their vehicle is fine, and Action Transmission Specialists in Jacksonville, Florida, is happy to do that!

CVT Support

If you have concerns about the condition of your vehicle’s CVT, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local transmission specialists. We’ve provided expert counsel and repairs for our community since 1986. We would be more than happy to assist you too! CVTs improve on the traditional automatic transmission, but because of their differences, they require special care and service. The pulley systems are tricky to repair, but it’s nothing that our team can’t handle. We have the right technicians and technology to provide reliable CVT repairs.

Schedule your CVT repair today with our online scheduling system or call us at (904) 744-0755. One of our friendly staff members would be happy to help! You can also visit our shop at 6015 Merrill Road near Jacksonville University for prompt service. You’ll leave our shop knowing that your car’s transmission is working its best and will do so for many miles to come!