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Expert Analysis For Torque Converters

We’re your transmission repair and service experts, which you should come to us first before you receive any expensive or time-consuming transmission repair. You need an accurate diagnosis from a team of specialists. Transmission replacements are even more expensive when they totally unnecessary. Many owners come to us thinking that they need a transmission rebuild or replacement when that’s not even the issue they’re experiencing. Often, the torque converter is to blame for a performance issue, but professional and amateur mechanics will misdiagnose the vehicle. Torque converter problems may present with the same symptoms as a transmission malfunction. This leads vehicle owners to get a transmission rebuild or repair that they don’t need. And worse, it doesn’t address the real problem. That’s where Action Transmission Specialist comes in! You’ll always get the right diagnoses from our transmission experts. Torque Converter repair needs are something that we can analyze and recognize before you waste too much time and money. Torque converter repairs are less expensive than a transmission rebuild or replacement.

Quality Torque Converter Part Replacement

The torque converter is a complex component in your engine system. It’s supposed to transfer torque from the engine to the transmission. Our team is qualified and well-trained in the service needs of all torque converters. We’ll even let you know when the torque converter is not to blame. There are a few transmission services that could fix your transmission’s performance, such as a transmission fluid services that fix leaks or exchanged contaminated fluids. Not only is the torque converter too complex for many general repair shops to diagnose, but many of them don’t know their inner workings as well as we do. We understand its full effect on the transmission and how the torque conversion process works. Action Transmission Specialists in Jacksonville, FL want you to trust our diagnoses and our services. You’ll always receive the most effective and affordable service for your vehicle. The goal is to keep you on the road, but we want to protect your vehicle and your wallet in the process. Bring your transmission to us to find out if the torque converter is operating at peak performance. One visit to our shop might save you a whole lot of time and money.

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Our team is here for you! Transmission repairs can leave you head spinning! We understand customer confusion, but we don’t understand why they trust their vehicle’s diagnosis to just anybody. From transmission rebuilds, replacements, and torque converter repairs to routine preventative maintenance, we have you covered. Action Transmission Specialists is focused on your vehicle and your torque converter. You can tell how focused we are when you enter our facility. This lets our customers know they’re in the right place to get precision analysis and expert diagnosis. Give us a call today at 904-744-0755 to discuss how we’re going to help you and your vehicle.