Top 4 Signs You Need Clutch Repair

Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs

The Clutch stands as one of the most vital parts of any vehicle’s manual transmission. It serves as the bridge between the engine and transmission. In basic terms, it allows power generated from the engine to be delivered to each of the four wheels through the driveshaft. In addition, the clutch is also used to bring the vehicle to the stop without the engine shuttering. That said, when the clutch begins to wear, it could spell disaster for both the engine and transmission. At Action Transmission Specialists in Jacksonville, FL, understand the need for a good and healthy clutch. Since opening in 1986, we’ve made it our purpose as a transmission repair shop, to dive head first into all gear-related matters. Our team of ASE-certified technicians have over 30 years of experience. We have the knowledge to tackle any transmission problem, and get you back on the road. Below, we’ll share with you four signs your clutch is in need of repair.

1. Burning Smell

One of the most prominent signs of a wearing clutch is a burning smell. This may be accompanied by smoke if the problem is severe. The smell occurs when the clutch plate slips more than it should on the flywheel, due the driver riding the clutch. The friction caused by slip causes the plate to burn. Eventually, the clutch disc will wear down enough to where the vehicle will not shift as normal.

2. A Grinding Noise During shift

When shifting your vehicle, a grinding noise is the worst sound you can hear. At times, it may come down to not pressing the clutch down fully when shifting. Most of the time however, it comes down to the clutch disc not releasing from the flywheel. Over time, the entire clutch assembly will wear down, and need replacement.

3. A Soft Clutch Pedal

Another sign of a failing or worn clutch is a softened clutch pedal. When you go to apply the clutch pedal, you find a lack of mechanical feel. Plus, when letting your foot off, it tends to stay closer to the floor, almost as if the clutch is still engaged Two possible reasons behind this are a worn clutch plate and a bad clutch linkage. The linkage actuates the opening of the clutch plate from a flywheel. If this issue arises, it will need to be diagnosed immediately.

4. Vehicle Popping Out Gear

As you drive along as you shift through the gears, the clutch plate begins to wear. When it wears thin, the transmission will begin to jerk and sputter, causing a massive headache for you. Another way the transmission pops out of gear is leaking engine oil onto the clutch plate. The over-lubricated plate will then spin excessively on the flywheel. It will no longer engage with the engine, and transfer power to the four wheels.

If you experience these four signs, it’s vital you visit a repair shop immediately. In any event, the clutch system will need to be repaired and serviced before getting your vehicle back on the road. Action Transmission Specialists are here to take care of all your clutch repair needs, and put the performance back in your vehicle. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (904) 372-1427, and we’ll schedule you for an appointment. Ur shop is located at 6015 Merrill Street in Jacksonville, FL. We can’t wait to see you!

Written by Action Transmission Specialists

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